In MURDER ON THE MIND, Jeff Resnick returns to Buffalo after an 18-year absence. The city plays a big part in this and his ongoing adventures. Here’s hoping the following pictures make the book all the more real to you. See where many events took place, and perhaps you’ll almost taste a “beef on weck.”

To start you off, here’s a map of Jeff’s Buffalo.

Click on the image for an enlargement!

Jeff's Buffalo


Le Brun
LeBrun Road, Amherst, NY
Where Richard brings Jeff to live after his “accident.”


Forest Lawn
Main Entrance, Forest Lawn Cemetery
Main Street, Buffalo
The victim’s final resting place.


Orchard Park
Welcome to Orchard Park!
The town where the victim lived.


Forest Drive
Forest Drive, Orchard Park, NY
The street where the victim lived.


Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
1 Lafayette Square
A great place for research.



Welcome to Snyder!
The home of “The Whole Nine Yards” bar and Sophie’s bakery.


Sophie’s Bakery, Main Street, Snyder
Jeff finds a new friend here

Some of Sophie’s Recipes are featured on the Character page…


beef on weck  beefo on weck
Beef on weck, anyone?


Red Mill
Old Red Mill Inn restaurant, Clarence, NY
Brenda’s choice for dinner.


Buffalo News
The Buffalo News
Washington Street (1 News Plaza)
Sam’s employer.


police station
Municipal Building, Orchard Park, NY
Detective Hayden’s stomping grounds.


Broadway Market
Broadway Market
The Broadway Market


fish fry
A typical Buffalo Fish fry


East Aurora

Welcome to East Aurora!
Charming village and home of the Arts and Crafts movement in the U.S…. but that’s not covered in the book! (P.S. The sign has now been updated.)


Our Lady of Victory Basilica main entrance
Our Lady of Victory Basilica main entrance


Our Lady of Victory Basilica back
Our Lady of Victory Basilica back entrance