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The Jeff Resnick Mysteries, set in Buffalo, New York, feature a down-on-his luck former insurance investigator who, after a vicious mugging in Manhattan, is able to sense things others can’t.

Soon after returning to Buffalo to reconnect with his half-brother Richard, and his wife Brenda, this heightened awareness leads him to vicious crimes that have yet to be solved.

Often reluctant at first, but then driven to know what is haunting him, Jeff will even enlist Richard to assist him in bringing the guilty to justice.

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Watch the Dead in Red video — and Jeff will tell you what his life is like.

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Evolution-MedA Collection of short stories that chronicle Jeff Resnick’s (and that of his brother, Richard Albert) back story.  What forces molded these men into the people they are today? Find out in the ten thought-provoking tales that span from their first meeting, until two years before Murder On The Mind.

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