Bound By Suggestion

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bound by suggestion by l l bartlettBound By Suggestion
(Jeff Resnick Mystery #5)
By L.L. Bartlett

Publisher: Polaris Press

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In exchange for helping her unlock the emotions of a disturbed young woman, psychiatrist Dr. Krista Marsh promises to cure Jeff Resnick’s recurring headaches via hypnotism. Things start out rocky and quickly get worse when both the young girl and the Doctor begin to manipulate Jeff. Soon he’s experiencing the young woman’s emotions and can’t tell where hers leave off and his begin, and Krista has other reasons for ingratiating herself into Jeff’s life. Meanwhile, Jeff’s brother Richard is vying for a chairman seat on the hospital’s fundraising board. Two seemingly unrelated events that suddenly converge with deadly results.


We’d first met in ninth grade at Amherst Central High: Sam was Mr. Cool, I was a nerd. We’d worked together on the yearbook staff. I was a photographer; he worked his way up to editor. I wasn’t sure we were ever friends, but knowing someone on staff at The Buffalo News had served me well. And the story tips I’d given Sam during the past year or so hadn’t hurt him, either.

“Buy you a drink?” I asked.

Sam smiled, smoothing a hand over his balding pate. “Now I know it’s love and not just my good looks.”

“Grow up.” I put Krista out of my mind and poured him a beer. “I’ve got a favor to ask.” I set a new bowl of pretzels in front of him as added insurance. “I need some info on a guy.”

“Business or pleasure?”

“Not business—and definitely not pleasure.”

“Oh, then this is just the warm up?” Sam proffered his glass. “What’s in it for me?”


“Hardly an inducement. If there’s a story behind this, I want it.”

“No story. I mean, nothing I’m investigating. It’s personal.” How could I say it without sounding like a jealous lover—or some kind of maniacal stalker? “A friend of mine is involved with this guy, and I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

Sam wasn’t buying it. “Is that all?”

I blinked, all wide-eyed innocence. “That’s all.”

Sam tapped the side of his glass. “Who’s the mark?”

“Douglas Mallon, owner and CEO of Mallon Printing in Tonawanda.”

Sam frowned. “What kind of info are you looking for?”

“General stuff. Maybe you’ve run something in the paper on him or his business. Drunk driving maybe. Don’t bother with their website. It only talks about the printing they do.”

Sam grabbed a handful of pretzels, studying me. “Why don’t you do it yourself? You were an investigator.”

“I don’t have a starting point. No social security number—nothing. He could be the greatest guy in the world—”

“But you don’t think so … ?”

“I don’t know.”

Sam shook his head. “Unless I interview the guy, I can’t guarantee anything.”

“I’m not asking for that. Just find out what you can.”

Sam scribbled down the info on a steno notepad. “Okay, I’ll try. And you owe me a first class lunch. No Burger King. I want a place with real silverware, linen napkins, and a martini, straight up.”

“You got it.”



“This fast paced paranormal thriller will keep everyone wanting to see a LOT more of Jeff Resnick. If you love a good mystery, especially a paranormal thriller, this series is one you need to tune into!”
— Featured Quill Reviews

“What a mind-blowing story that started with a simple request but led to a harrowing journey for Jeff. Feeling vulnerable, Jeff agrees to help a doctor with her patient. What happens next had me pulling for Jeff as he struggles to conquer the demons that have been set upon him. Jeff’s world collides when a disturbing situation threatens both brothers. The author has written another suspenseful and gripping chapter in the life of Jeff Resnick that left me mesmerized and had my adrenaline pumping as the story came to its conclusion. This was great read and I can’t wait for the next chapter in this fabulous series. ”
–Dru’s Book Musings


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